HI! I'm Mike,
a graphic designer from Tel Aviv.

I focus on solving business problems with better user experience in digital products. how can we help your users fall in love with your product?

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some of my Clients:

Zik Analytics

Branding and web design

Zik Analytics Is a powerful market research tool for ebay sellers. working in a field full of charlatans, we wanted to create a bold and authoritative presence for a product that delivers real results, Helping it transform from an underdog to the industry Leader and Grow their paying user database by 133%.
(case study will be available soon)


Branding, Hand lettering

A Branding project for boutique Cocktail sold in liqueur stores. In this project I used my lettering skills to design the packaging and logo.

inspired by Lena Dunham's 'GIRLS'


UX ideation, UI Design

A Redesign for a Dropshipping Monitoring software, I wanted to simplify access to all features, anything you need is on the first level, one click away.

(case study will be avilable soon)


Branding and web design

A Monitor that scans Twitter for the most offensive trends in realtime.
using a list of offensive words it scans through everything twitted in the past week in the US, to discover trends of hate, mysogeny and racism and displays the elements of hate: the haters, the target, and the stram of hate.

A collaboration with Rotem Adrian.

The Panther F.C.

Branding and web design

The Panther Football Club is a fictitious Soccer association that will exist in the future, in 2028 when the Sephardi Jews will overthrow the Ashkenazi jews of israel will take over all positions of power.

The Panther F.C. in an imaginary exercise in foreseeing what football team will they establish to manifest their Cultural beliefs in sports.

After working for 3 years in a printing press I went to Shenkar to Level up my Skills, Discovered Design For the web, Have been doing it ever since...

I design and prototypes apps and websites really fast, your MVP/POC can be ready in just a few days.

- I teach UI/UX in Mentor Collage
- I interview Freelance designers in my podcast
- Love Fishing

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